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The Protected Areas of River Po and Collina Torinese

After the measures for the protection of River Po and Collina Torinese implemented by the Region in 1990 and in 1978 with Bosco del Vaj Nature Reserve in Collina Torinese, in 2012 these safeguard projects have joined with Law no. 19/2009.
From an administrative point of view, the safeguard of river Po is entrusted to three different Park Authorities, and the Po Torinese Park Authority is the central one. The river territory crosses big urban centers such as Moncalieri, Turin, San Mauro, Chivasso, and it is far from the traditional idea of a Park rich in large woodlands, white peaks, and wildlife. However, the establishment of a protected area in this territory aims at improving a habitat characterized by a strong human pressure, and therefore by urbanization, massive overbuilding of the banks, water pollution and upheaval caused by extractions of sand and gravel, etc., problems characterizing the whole course of the river. The instruments to carry out these actions are given by the planning of the area, enabling the rearrangement of the various activities through the development of a new way of gathering human activities, tourist services, and naturalistic heritage, by the controls of the Surveillance service, by the cultural and educational sensitization actions suggested every year by the Park Authority, and which include the organization of events, meetings, and guided visits.
The area of Collina Torinese is another unique place a few steps from the town, and represents a meeting point of protected areas safeguarding an important natural heritage including the beech tree woodlands of Vaj or places where environment and important monuments live together, like Superga Basilica.
These different environmental realities represent an extraordinarily important heritage placed in the context of the area of Turin, and mainly included in the territory of the Green Crown where, besides naturalistic features, you will find important places like the circuit of the House of Savoy Residences. A territory to discover, promoted by the Park Authority in the enhancement program and with the website

Information for the people living and working in Po River Park and for the visitors

The river Po at Le Vallere, Moncalieri
The river Po at Le Vallere, Moncalieri
The river Po in winter in Mezzi Po
The river Po in winter in Mezzi Po
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